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Hello and thank you for visiting Hammer Down Training. 


Hammer Down Training was born out of the recognition of the need for individual firearms training based on student goals, knowledge and skill level.


Hammer Down Training owner and chief instructor, Matt, spent the majority of his Police Firearms Instructor range time working with, diagnosing and correcting the technique and deficiencies of shooters who were having issues with their gun handling and marksmanship.  


Hammer Down Training does not have a set curriculum for its students.  Each student, or group, is evaluated and range training is based around the needs and goals of the student. 


We don’t teach classes, we conduct shooting seminars focusing on the fundamentals of safety, marksmanship and gun handling.  We are not a use of force or CCW permit certification school.  We teach you how to shoot, reload, clear malfunctions and conduct weapon manipulations quickly and efficiently with the goal of improving your skills so that you can compete in Practical Shooting Competitions or become more comfortable, competent and confident in owning and carrying a firearm to defend yourself or loved ones. 


Our training is conducted on an outdoor range at the Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club in Mesa, AZ.

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