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Instructor Matt is a retired LE veteran with over 20 years of service in AZ.  Matt spent 18 years as an NRA/AZPOST certified firearms instructor teaching pistol, shotgun and patrol carbine to Police Officers all over AZ.  He was also a certified armorer for Glock Pistols and Colt 1911 pistols and AR15 rifles.   Matt is an avid competitive shooter and Firearms Instructor teaching various weekly classes at facilities across the East Valley.


Professional Training and Certifications

D3 - Carbine Vehicle Darkness, Haley Strategic                                              2019

NRA Range Safety Officer                                                                                2019

D7 - Disruptive Performance, Haley Strategic                                                  2018

Combative Pistol - Dave Spaulding, Handgun Combatives                              2018

Gunsite Pistol 250 (Guest)                                                                                2017

NROI (Nat’l Range Officer Institute) – Certified Range Officer                         2017

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor  (Renew)                                                               2016

NRA Firearms Safety in the Home Instructor                                                   2016

Competitive Pistol – Leatham Enterprises                                                        2016

IALEFI (International Assoc. of L. E. Firearms Instructors)                                           

Master Instructor Development Program                                                          2013                  

Vickers Tactical – LE/Military Carbine                                                               2012

Dealing with Problem Shooters -  Tucson PD                                                   2011

Colt Defense 1911 Armorer                                                                              2009

AZ POST Police Supervision II                                                                         2008

Action Target Academy Patrol Rifle / Carbine Instructor                                   2005

BIA LE Services Supervisory Enforcement Officer                                           2003

AZ POST Basic Supervision                                                                             2003

Firearm Training Simulator (FATS) Instructor                                                    2001

Centurion Group – Tactical Pistolcraft                                                               1999

Glock Armorer  (renewed every 3 years 5 times)                                              1999

Colt Defense M16/AR15 Armorer (renewed every 3 years 5 times)                 1999

AZ POST / NRA Patrol Rifle Instructor                                                              1998

AZ POST / NRA Firearms Instructor (Pistol & Shotgun)                                   1998

AZ POST General Instructor                                                                             1997

AZ POST Field Training Officer                                                                         1997

AZ POST Basic Police Academy                                                                       1995

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Detention Academy                                                 1992

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