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We Offer Different Types of Lessons & Training

Hammer Down Training will instruct any shooter at any level, singly or in groups.  Training will be more beneficial if shooters in groups are at comparative skill levels or if groups are willing to move at the pace of the newest shooter.  Friends and family training together make for a great class and a bunch of fun. Training costs are $50/hr.  More students can be added at $25 each / hr .  There is also a $10 range fee per shooter.


Reserving training time requires a $20 non-refundable deposit. This is to cover range reservation costs in case the shooter(s) does not show.


Please feel free to contact Hammer Down Training with questions or to set up a training date.

In order to train efficiently, we request each student show up to the range with –


A quality centerfire handgun in good working condition.  We prefer duty / competition type firearms chambered in 9mm, .40SW, .45ACP, .38 Spl., .38 Super, .38 SC.  Other chamberings can be discussed before finalizing training.  Small concealed carry and pocket type pistols are not recommended for training.


A quality holster that secures the pistol to a belt at the waist on the primary side hip and covers the trigger / trigger guard when the pistol is holstered.  We do not allow holsters that require the primary hand trigger finger to unlock a retention device. (Blackhawk Serpa or similar) Sorry – those are the rules.  Fanny packs, shoulder holsters, cross draw, ankle or anything else that does not put the pistol on the primary side hip are not allowed.  Appendix and IWB holsters may be permitted based on the skill and experience level of the shooter.


Enough magazines or speed loaders with belt pouches / holders to allow the shooter to have a minimum of 32 rounds at the start of a stage or drill.


Eye and ear protection.  Prescription glasses are okay and electronic hearing protection is preferred – so you can hear range commands.


A hat with a bill or brim.  A visor is also sufficient.


Closed toe shoes.



LEOSA Qualifications

Hammer Down Training is approved by AZ DPS to conduct LEOSA qualifications. Please contact us with any LEOSA questions.  LEOSA quals are $60 per shooter and may be conducted totally live fire on an outdoor range or on an indoor range for the AZPOST live fire qual with a video simulator decision making portion.

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LEOSA Qualification

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